Theme Weavers LLC debut hits the cyber-streets on Nov. 11th, 2016!!! Available now via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more!

The debut EP from San Francisco's Theme Weavers LLC, Nothing But The Best: The Very Best of Theme Weavers LLC, features top-shelf tracks emanating from the comedy universe of The Best Show with Tom Scharpling and Scharpling and Wurster Live!

Unlike other bloated "Best Of" comps marred by the inclusion of subprime material, this one truly delivers on the promise of its title. The all-griller, no-filler track list includes newly recorded versions of the band's biggest hit, The Best Theme for The Best Show (heard weekly on The Best Show for 10+ years and counting); a new, insta-classic version of Rock 'n' Roll Dreams'll Come Through, featuring The Gas Station Dogs' vocalist Barry Dworkin (aka drummer and comedian Jon Wurster of Superchunk/Bob Mould/Mountain Goats) and baritone saxophonist Ward Abronski (of Flipper's Sex Bomb infamy); The Mike Show Theme (the barnburner theme for breakout star AP Mike's show within the show'); Green Room Blues featuring a rollicking horn section led by Marc Capelle of American Music Club; and the cathartic grand piano fugue written for The Best Show host poignantly titled, Tom's Lament.

Led by rhythm guitarist/vocalist Anthony Bedard (Hank IV, Icky Boyfriends), the band features the lead guitar work of Andy Oglesby (Hank IV, The Roofies) and a crack assemblage of SF/Oakland music scene veterans including bassist Ajax Green (The Wrong Words), drummer Russ Blackmar (Tropical Sleep), and keyboardist Alison Levy (The Loud Family). Their Best Show theme song having been a staple of the program for over a decade, the band made its live debut in January 2015 at the SF Sketchfest Tribute to Scharpling and Wurster. In March 2015, they performed as the house band for the first-ever Scharpling and Wurster Live! shows at the Bell House in Brooklyn and then, in Aug/Sept 2015, as the live house band for Scharpling and Wurster's smash hit west coast tour.

Rocking, hook-filled, and drenched with fun, Nothing But The Best: The Very Best of Theme Weavers LLC is a must-have recording not just for fans of The Best Show but also for rock fans who love comedy, comedy fans who love rock, and all the long-suffering casualties of the rock/comedy crossover fever dream.


1. The Best Theme for The Best Show (1:49)
2. Rock ’n’ Roll Dreams’ll Come Through
featuring Barry Dworkin (4:22)
3. Green Room Blues (2:49)
4. The Mike Show Theme (1:36)
5. Tom’s Lament (2:29)
6. The Best Theme for The Best Show
(Instrumental) (1:49)

Rock 'n' Roll Dreams'll Come Through —
Barry Dworkin (aka Jon Wurster) - lead vocals
Ward Abronski (Flipper/Polkacide) - baritone sax

Engineered and mixed by Donny Newenhouse at El Studio, San Francisco, 24-tracks direct to 2" analog tape. Mastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Services.
Nick Flanagan debut album, I'm Here All Weak

We're punch-drunk pleased to announce our newest release, I'm Here All Weak, the debut album by Canadian comedy sensation, NICK FLANAGAN available digitally via I-Tunes, Amazon, et al RIGHT NOW so visit the Ordering Info section for more details. The Classic Bar Comedy label is releasing the vinyl LP version which will be available in early February.

A fixture in front of brick walls and behind chicken wire across North America, Nick Flanagan is a singular talent in the post-NAFTA underground comedy scene. Having long-since graduated from reading out of his well-thumbed joke notebooks, Nick’s endearing conversational deadpan, choice subject matter, and “sort-of pregnant” pauses have won him battalions of die-hard followers and/or comedy club patrons waiting on their second mandatory drink.

Either utterly fearless or perhaps born without the "shame gene," on "I'm Here All Weak," Nick tackles many popular topics from the annals of today, yesterday and day after tomorrow such as parents, life, balding musicians, video games, drugs, robots, irony, the G-Spot, food, and grammar. Throw not a pity party for Nick but for the world he so breezily and painstakingly describes!

"In the future, when being hilarious is illegal, Nick Flanagan will surely (and deservedly) be sentenced to the electric chair." - Jason Woliner, Human Giant

"Having worked with him many times over the years, I am qualified to report that Nick Flanagan's roller-coaster comedy is a definite #1 must-see for the discerning club-goer." - Neil Hamburger
Quotes and press for Nick Flanagan's "I'm Here All Weak"

"I'm Here All Weak might be the strangest comedy album I have ever heard. But I've listened twice, which is more than I listen to 90 percent of all comedy albums, so I think I love it?" - Tom Scharpling, host, The Best Show on WFMU

"I'm Here All Weak is nine tracks of Nick Flanagan's unique worldview and wordplay that ranges from deep to hilariously absurd to flat-out silly." - A Special Thing

"Nick Flanagan’s debut comedy album, I’m Here All Weak, is an absurdist stand-up set in the vein of British comedy. Flanagan’s style isn’t about grounding his jokes in experience. It’s about startling deliveries, odd non sequiturs, and strange set-ups that lead to even stranger punchlines. What I enjoy most about it is Flanagan’s ability to continually jolt the audience with absurd premises that he announces apropos of nothing. It’s an interesting style and certainly holds up over the course of the album." - Dusted

"Torontonian Nick Flanagan's brand of standup comedy is all about testing his audience's expectations. It's confrontational, it's alternately crass and clever and it often takes the crowd out of its comfort zone. You can hear it for yourself on I'm Here All Weak, a disc that's bound to make its listeners uncomfortable as often as it makes them laugh." - Chart Attack (Canada)
Brent Weinbach's The Night Shift!!!

Brent Weinbach's album, The Night Shift, was released in September 2009.

The Night Shift was selected as one of the Top 20 comedy albums of 2009 by I-Tunes and also hit the coveted "heavy airplay" status on WFMU. Legs? This album's got 'em!

The album remains available worldwide through all the major digital music services such as I-Tunes, Amazon, et al, as well as being on sale at our nation's finer brick-and-mortar retail shoppes. Mail order customers can purchase copies through the fine folks (and comedy masterminds) at A Special

Brent's sold-out album release show on September 11th, 2009, was co-presented by SF Sketchfest at the Verdi Club in San Francisco. Thanks to Alex Koll, Moshe Kasher, Laura Weinbach, and everyone who attended!!

Reviews for The Night Shift!

"Brent Weinbach’s second full-length album, The Night Shift, is a surrealist audio collage far removed from conventional comedy. It's a whimsical and oft-incongruous 64-minute journey, worthy of repeat listens and unlike anything you’ve heard before." – SF Weekly

"For a comedy record, it’s got a damned impressive experimental streak, and it deserves to be widely influential. A lot of studio-recorded auditory noir which recalls nothing so much as a gleefully immature take on the radio theater of Joe Frank." - Dusted

Why is he instead cursing in a bad Russian accent through the entire 26-letter alphabet? Why is he rigidly hunched over, jerkily snapping his hands like crab claws as bygone video-game themes bleep and bloop overhead? Why is it the most absurd and flat-out hilarious thing you've witnessed in your sheltered life?” – LA Weekly

"While this might paint Weinbach as someone uninterested in the conventional comedy album, much of The Night Shift is irresistibly funny - silly, surprising and oddly relatable from someone renowned for being strange." - A Special

Here are the links to full reviews!

SF Weekly album review by Mike Rowell.

Time Out New York's Joke of the Week!

Album review in Dusted!

LA Weekly preview for Brent's show at Comedy Death Ray.

SF Chronicle 96 Hours cover story.

Interview/article on Brent in 9/2/09 issue of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Seattle-based Resilient Rabbit comedy blog.

SF music blog/website, The Bay Bridged

The Sound of Young America, syndicated on NPR, interview with Brent.

The Comic's Comic comedy blog.
Weinbach videos for The Night Shift

Brent's made a couple of videos for his forthcoming album. Check 'em out!

Night Shift video #1

Night Shift video #2
Brent Weinbach's new album, THE NIGHT SHIFT, to be released on September 15th!

After an entire year sequestered in the Shill Building studios, we've got the doozy of doozies in the pipeline for scheduled release on September 15th, 2009 -- the new full-length album by comic extraordinaire BRENT WEINBACH (winner of the 2007 Andy Kaufman award) entitled, THE NIGHT SHIFT.

Not any sort of traditional live record, The Night Shift is a densely woven mix of in-studio routines replete with instrumental roller rink-meets-Nintendo backing tracks (composed and performed by Brent), some live comedy club material, some of Brent's original piano and vocal songs that have a surprising heartfelt Tin Pan Alley bent, disturbing phone messages and much more. The overall vibe is perhaps somewhere in the outer Joe Frank universe but it's safe to say that there's never before been a comedy album like this one. Okay, so maybe it's the TUSK of comedy albums.

The Night Shift will be available through all digital outlets such as I-Tunes, Amazon, et al, and in all finer brick-and-mortar retail establishments.
Bucky Sinister's What Happens in Narnia, Stays in Narnia

Released in 2007, Bucky's album is still available through I-Tunes,, Rhapsody, e-Music, Other Music, Insound, and other fine digital outlets.
WFMU weighs in!

"San Francisco's fledgeling Talent Moat label has started rolling out
what promises to be the Laff Records of the new millenium, documenting
some burgeoning underground comedy that's taken place at the label's
related Club Chuckles nights at the city's Hemlock Tavern. Release
numero uno comes from Bucky Sinister, a shadowy, Bukowskian figure
who's loomed over town for a while, and his debut CD What Happens In
Narnia, Stays In Narnia
is a journey through his inner psychoses via
perplexing segments with titles like "My Date With Laura Ingalls."
Sinister's approach finds himself propped up in a manner not unlike the
late great Bill Hicks, a refreshing literacy missing in a lot of
so-called indie comedy (so it's probably worth mentioning Bucky's
penned a bunch of books too). He sounds like someone who's spent a lot
of time recuperating from godknowswhat on the past's punk circuit
(something he sounds well versed in), crawling his way out of a pit of
fellow rehab zombies immersed in trash TV. His observations reel off in
the form of angry spittle and get downright speedfreaky at times, he's
a compelling and funny listen and quite different
." - WFMU