Bucky Sinister
Bucky Sinister is a San Francisco standup comedian and author. With a set of hard-earned chops from his misspent years on the punk circuit, Bucky's comedy continues the tradition of the storyteller comics such as Janeane Garofalo and Jen Kirkman. His comedic inspirations include Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Greg Proops, and Patton Oswalt.
On What Happens in Narnia, Stays in Narnia, Bucky tackles a harrowing, side-splitting array of personal and social demons such as video store renter shame, the most politically correct café in the entire United States, and atheism versus tidal wave obsessed twelve-steppers. Not to mention rock songs about heroin being used to sell birth control pills, the social phenomenon of 'Extreme Brads', real and imagined dates with Laura Ingalls and Wonder Woman, and a show-stopping tale about his non-monogamous punk rock speed-freak stalker.
Bucky has performed at venues such as The Purple Onion (San Francisco), The Punchline (SF), Hemlock Tavern (SF), and Largo (Los Angeles) appearing on bills with Greg Proops, Jello Biafra, Lydia Lunch, Craig Ferguson, Fiona Apple, Drew Carey, Richard Strange (The Black Rider), and Will Franken.
Bucky is the author of All Blacked Out and Nowhere to Go (Gorsky Press, 2007), Whiskey and Robots (Gorsky Press, 2004), and King of the Roadkills (Manic D Press, 1995). His poetry was included in the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry.
What Happens in Narnia Stays in Narnia, Sinister's debut CD, is being released in September 2007 by the San Francisco comedy label Talent Moat.
Press quotes:
"NASCAR and the wrath of God. Atheism and telling people to suck his cock 'as a courtesy.' Bourbon and family. San Francisco comedian-poet Bucky Sinister often mashes together things the rest of us try to keep far, far apart. As haunted by his deranged punk rock past as by his brutally evangelical Christian past, his piece NASCAR & Nothingness initiates the listener into the philosophical and theological differences between rednecks and hicks." — SF Weekly
"At times, Bay Area spoken-word artist Bucky Sinister reads in a voice like a bear that's been run over by a Harley a couple times on a gravel driveway. Inspired by Bukowski, he plunged the genre into the whiskey-soaked world of hardcore punk, pummeling his words in the middle of a mosh pit." — Flavorpill
"Until five years ago, the shaven-headed, sleeve-tattooed Bucky Sinister lived the punk rock myth, crashing in a dilapidated three-story house in Berkeley with speed freaks and pill poppers, drinking himself asleep (and awake), watching stolen cable and going to shows. [The stories in his book] All Blacked Out & Nowhere To Go, are, in essence, verbal photographs which, when put together, chronicle his long, rough descent to the bottom. And they are pretty fucking funny, too." — Ventura County Reporter