"In the future, when being hilarious is illegal, Nick Flanagan will surely (and deservedly) be sentenced to the electric chair." - Jason Woliner, Human Giant

A fixture in front of brick walls and behind chicken wire across North America, Nick Flanagan is a singular talent in the post-NAFTA underground comedy scene. Having long-since graduated from reading out of his well-thumbed joke notebooks, Nick’s endearing conversational deadpan, choice subject matter, and “sort-of pregnant” pauses have won him battalions of die-hard followers and/or comedy club patrons waiting on their second mandatory drink.

Either utterly fearless or perhaps born without the "shame gene," on "I'm Here All Weak," Nick tackles many popular topics from the annals of today, yesterday and day after tomorrow such as parents, life, balding musicians, video games, drugs, robots, irony, the G-Spot, food, and grammar. Throw not a pity party for Nick but for the world he so breezily and painstakingly describes.

I’m Here All Weak is nine tracks of Nick Flanagan’s unique worldview and wordplay that ranges from deep to hilariously absurd to flat-out silly.” – A Special Thing.com