Theme Weaavers LLC debut Nothing But the Best: The Very Best of Theme Weavers LLC out this November!

Theme Weavers LLC debut recording hits all digital services (Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, etc.) on Tuesday, Nov. 11th!
Icky Boyfriends' film I'm Not Fascinating: The Movie!

The 20th anniversary edition of the Danny Plotnick directed cult rock film, "I'm Not Fascinating: The Movie!" will have its U.S. premiere on Monday, Nov. 21st at the Alamo Drafthouse (SF) as part of the New Mission Theater's 100 Year anniversary "San Francisco in Film" series.

Brace yourselves for one of the most resplendent footnotes of rock ‘n’roll anti-history ever to grace the silver screen. I'M NOT FASCINATING: THE MOVIE! chronicles the pointless shenanigans of San Francisco rock ‘n’ roll ne’er-do-wells the Icky Boyfriends and their futile quest for rock stardom. Undaunted by the universal hatred of both their music and their look, the band perseveres, somehow netting themselves a hefty major label contract. But stardom proves elusive as they descend into a world of intrigue, nepotism, consumer research groups, excessive use of caffeine-laden soda pop and murder. Who kills the Ickys? You’ll wish you had!

20 years removed from its world premiere on Valentine’s Day 1996 at The Viper Room in Los Angeles, this movie – shot entirely on now-obsolete Super 8 sync sound film stock and precariously held together by splicing tape – is finally being given the deluxe re-release treatment with a brand new, HD transfer and accompanied by a gut-busting smorgasbord of bonus features and never-before-released live concert footage of the band. This new transfer is undoubtedly better than the film deserves but despite its hi-def sheen (*cough*), no-budget cinephile purists can rest easy knowing that the original’s many “weirdly beautiful” visual flaws are all still intact. Long out-of-print r, the 20th anniversary edition of I’m Not Fascinating—The Movie! is set to indelibly sear the eyeballs of a new generation of fans, cult film cineastes, jaded thrill seekers, and no-fi ambulance chasers alike.


“Move over 'Magical Mystery Tour', take a seat 'Tommy'. San Francisco’s Icky Boyfriends and Danny Plotnick have topped the semifictional rock-drama genre with their epic I’m Not Fascinating: The Movie! A weirdly beautiful spectacle of self-defeat. An instant classic.” – SF Bay Guardian

“Probably the least likely punk feature ever shot.” – Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film

“A Monkees-meet-Hate-comics slice of cinema non-vérité.” – SF Weekly

Preceded by short films by Danny Plotnick!

Brent Weinbach at Festival Supreme!

Brent Weinbach will be performing at Tenacious D's Festival Supreme on Oct. 29th, 2016.
Bucky Sinister live

Catch Bucky live every week at the hit comedy show, The Business, at Little Joy (Echo Park, Los Angeles).
Bucky Sinister novel

Grab a copy of Bucky's dystopian tour-de-force, Black Hole.

"[This is a] scabrously funny novel...Reading about [the protagonist's] crazy antics is a heady experience in its own right."—Publishers Weekly

“Bucky writes with a bullshit blasting lazer beam. Funny and dark.” —Bobcat Goldthwait, comedian and film director

"Black Hole is designer drugs so new they haven’t been outlawed. It’s dead end jobs, douchebag dot com’ers, punk rock heroes… Bucky Sinister nails the incomprehensible demoralization of the addict’s existence. Hell, he nails it so well you won’t have to try it for yourself." —Patrick O'Neil, author of Gun, Needle, Spoon
Club Chuckles

The series that spawned Talent Moat! At 13 years and counting, Club Chuckles might very well be America's longest running "comedy in a rock club" series. So where's our scene medal?!

Since 2003, Club Chuckles has presented a harrowing, dazzling array of stand-up, sketch, musical, and otherwise un-classifiable comedy on a more-or-less monthly basis at San Francisco’s Hemlock Tavern, with occasional forays to venues such as the Verdi Club, Great American Music Hall, and The Independent. A bated-breath mess of loving, loathing, orgasmic hilarity, painfully uncomfortable liminal moments, existential stuntwork, rank professionalism, seasonal amateurism, unannounced lafftracks, nasal spit-takes and a lot of other stuff you had no idea you'd ever sit still for until now.

"The Hemlock Tavern’s monthly ’Club Chuckles’ features some of the rawest, out-there shtick in the Bay Area." - SF Weekly

"Club Chuckles...a swift kick in the rear to the so-called alternative comedy scene." - Beth Lisick, SF Gate/SF Chronicle

"Club Chuckles: a pivotal force in giving comedians opportunities to reach new audiences - people who regularly go to rock shows but rarely step into established comedy venues such as the Punch Line or Cobb's." - SF Chronicle

2016 Club Chuckles action!

Tim Heidecker, JP Incorporated at The Independent, SF -- June 2nd, 2016
Neil Hamburger, Sad Vicious at The Independent, SF -- Oct. 16th, 2016
Nick Thune at Hemlock Tavern -- Oct. 20th, 2016
Joe Mande at Hemlock Tavern -- Dec. 6th, 2016
B.J. Rubin Show at Hemlock Tavern -- Dec. 13th, 2016