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Theme Weavers LLC
Nothing But The Best: The Very Best of Theme Weavers LLC

Theme Weavers LLC on Bandcamp
purchase of full EP on Bandcamp comes with an instrumental karaoke version of Rock 'n' Roll Dreams'll Come Through! Be the best Barry Dworkin you can be!


Theme Weavers on Amazon

Nick Flanagan
I'm Here All Weak

Nick Flanagan's I'm Here All Weak is now available for purchase worldwide through all the major digital services including I-Tunes, Amazon, etc.

The vinyl version of this album is being released through our friends at Classic Bar Comedy
Brent Weinbach
The Night Shift

Brent Weinbach's "The Night Shift" is available worldwide through all the major digital music services including I-Tunes, Amazon, et al, as well as being on sale at our nation's finer brick-and-mortar retail shoppes. Mail order customers can buy copies through A Special Thing.com.

Record stores can order wholesale through Revolver/Midheaven.
YUX 01
Bucky Sinister
What Happens in Narnia, Stays in Narnia

Bucky Sinister's album is available through all digital music services. Mail order copies are $12 each postage-paid through Talent Moat. Contact talentmoat@gmail.com for more info.